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Business Transition Planning

Tomorrow’s exit strategy begins today.

There will come a day when you step down from the helm of your family business. While that day may be a long way off, it’s the astute business owner that begins to consider long-term options and exit planning today.

What will happen to your business? Will you pass it on to family or relatives? Will you sell it? Will you continue to draw retirement funds from the business?

Answering these questions won’t be an easy task, especially if you try to go it alone. Navigating and balancing the lines where your family, business and ownership overlap takes experience, know-how, sensitivity and planning.

SVA’s exit planning professionals can provide you with a clear-cut strategy. We’ll help you assess the big picture, and find the path that’s truly right for you. Learn more about how to get started with our exit planning process and discover options for retirement planning.