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Catering Company Increases Revenue by 200% with SVA

The Client

Fresh and Safe

Measurable Result

Fresh and Safe increased their revenue by 200 percent and at the same time was able to streamline costs developing efficiencies through SVA’s coaching and education.

The Story

Landa Carson knows great food. He worked in the food service industry his entire career and had aspirations of owning his own business. In 1999, he opened his own catering company. Fresh and Safe began by catering 200 breakfast and lunch meals to two Milwaukee schools. His business thrived and within two years, he was planning, preparing and delivering 1400 meals to area schoolchildren.

As his business grew and changed, he faced challenges with his existing accountant and advisors. It was at this point Mr. Carson was introduced to SVA professional, Barbara Ecklond, who guided Fresh and Safe through an IRS examination. Thus, a relationship based on trust began.

A unique service Barb provides her clients are one-on-one coaching sessions – getting to know her clients and their businesses better. It’s through these meetings she built a solid relationship with Mr. Carson. During one of these coaching sessions at Fresh and Safe, Barb was able to see the operation firsthand and make significant recommendations

“Barbara is continuously pushing me to expand my boundaries to make Fresh and Safe more lucrative,” stated Mr. Carson.

Fresh and Safe increased their operations space from 1400 to 8700 square feet. Being able to create the proper assembly line for preparing meals keeps costs down.

The new space allowed Fresh and Safe to increase meal preparation and revenue by 200%.

“Without SVA’s guidance and education to know my numbers, it would not have been possible for me to expand my business. Knowing how to control my costs, manage gross profit and keep my profit margins inline gave me a sense of security to move my business to a new location,” said Mr. Carson.

“The last 10 years has been a learning process. Every step gets me closer to reaching my financial goals,” stated Mr. Carson.

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