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Sellers Process

Put your mind at ease with the proven SVA approach.

We pair our deep knowledge of the marketplace with a thorough understanding of your business to provide you the correct answers. Let us help you find the right buyer.

SVA's Sellers Process

Step 1 - Meet with SVAMeet with SVA.

In our meeting, we complete the SVA Seller Questionnaire, which helps us truly understand your objectives. We need to know everything about your business – from your current assets to your long-term strategic goals.

Keep in mind, any information you provide us remains strictly confidential. This confidentiality is essential to the process; it allows our clients to provide us with key financial information, which streamlines the matching process.

Step 2Setting a selling price and structuring payment terms.

While many business owners have a general idea regarding their company’s value, few understand how that value equates to the amount of cash they will take away from the business sale. By determining a business owner’s necessary after-tax proceeds from a sale, SVA can calculate the minimum business value required to meet those goals, as well as structuring the payment terms of the sale.

Step 3Identify potential buyers.

Based on your information, we then refer to our listings of qualified buyers looking to acquire a business. Once again, strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.

Step 4Determine if the potential buyer is the right person.

Next, it’s time for a thorough analysis of the potential buyer – one that not only assesses the financial statements and management experience of the buyer, but also the buyer’s business plan and financial projections for the future.

Step 5Negotiations and structuring a deal.

If potential buyers need assistance in exploring financing options, our long-term relationships with the areas most reputable and reliable financial institutions can help with this financing phase.

With a thorough understanding of the potential sale and financing in place, you’re ready to negotiate.

There are many aspects to negotiating and structuring a sale – from the amount to the terms of payment. Our expertise and experience allows us to understand the fundamentals of a sale and build creative solutions.