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Collaborative Divorce Services

The marriage is over. The relationship is not.

The collaborative divorce process is a newer form of divorce that does not involve the court beyond the filing of papers and a final hearing in front of a judge; typically a collaborative divorce is less expensive than a traditional divorce due to the lack of multiple legal steps, fees and court costs.

A collaborative divorce is an effective way where each side in the divorce is able to reach a fair solution and resolve differences. In order for it to work both spouses must be committed to working together amicably.

Relying on an expert specially trained in the collaborative law process is essential. Our SVA professionals will assist you as a neutral party to gather financial and nonfinancial data needed to process the divorce. They also educate the parties about their assets, liabilities, income and cash flow, as well as identify options for resolution that are practical and make sense for each client’s unique situation.

Collaborative Divorce Services from SVA

Our professionals have the expertise proven to help you secure your financial future including:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Planning/ Budgeting