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Property Division

Divide marital property and assets equitably.

Determining a settlement on jointly owned property involves a number of steps. Let our divorce services experts help you identify, classify and determine the value of assets and liabilities to reach an equitable division of assets.

  • Income equalization and marital asset division
  • Asset tracing analysis
  • Business valuation
  • Independent review of financial reports
  • Analysis of tax and economic impact of proposed settlements
  • Negotiation

Establishing property division often times results in the need for litigation support. The litigation process typically includes a lot of court involvement and a need for an expert to assist in advocating the outcomes you seek. We work closely with numerous family law attorneys throughout the state of Wisconsin in providing expertise in developing litigation strategies and court testimony on asset values, income and cash flow analysis, child support as well as maintenance issues.

Forensic Analysis

Our trained professionals also conduct forensic analyses to assist in the location and valuation of assets and income. An overlooked or hidden asset or income can be significant. We help divorcing parties, their attorneys and judges make sense of complicated financial issues. An evaluation of asset holding and streams of income from family run businesses, partnerships or other sources can have short-term and long-term effects on both parties if not assessed correctly.

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