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Help your financial technology grow with your business with accounting software and an erp system from SVA.
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Accounting Software and ERP System

Is you financial technology growing with your business?

Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems aren’t something you change often; in fact if you own a business for twenty years, you may only use one to two systems during your tenure. But the reality is your accounting and ERP system can be the life blood of your business. How it supports your business can heavily impact your performance.

The question to ask yourself - is my system supporting my business by making us more efficient and used to leverage our growth, or it is getting in the way of keeping our business operation from running smoothly?

If you are using ancillary systems, including database and spreadsheets applications to supplement your accounting or ERP system, then the system you use likely no longer supports your business needs and could be impacting your profitability.

Our professionals have helped hundreds of businesses gain efficiency by replacing antiquated or no longer applicable accounting and ERP systems for our clients. Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped other companies:

Higher-priced system with limited functionality replaced eliminating manual processes and streamlining productivity

A local multi-company organization was using an Oracle financial system to manage their business operations. Annual support costs for this system were prohibitive and no longer correlated to any incremental time savings or value to the company. Purchase request approvals and processing were not linked to their financial system, requiring manual effort to insure purchases were authorized and vendors paid appropriately. Their financial reporting tool was not robust enough to create the types of financial analysis reports needed, resulting in additional burden on the finance team by forcing them to manually create their financial reports in spreadsheet applications.

We solved their problem by implementing a lower-cost yet highly-functional Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. A web-based purchase request system was implemented to help control purchase commitments while providing integration with the financial system, eliminating the need for manual entry and matching of vendor invoices. Financial reports are formatted and generated by the system, eliminating the need for manual creation while streamlining the production and distribution of their financial results to the management team on a timelier basis.

Fear of compliance audit replaced with new fully-automated compliance solution

A niche food manufacturing company's business continued to grow and flourish while their business automation systems were unable to keep pace. Compliance requirements to track raw materials and finished products using lot controls were managed manually, making it difficult to continue to grow the business profitability due to the manual efforts required. The idea of any sort of compliance audit was greatly feared due to the enormous amount of manual effort that would be required. Barriers also started to appear in the customers they could service without an automated system.

We reviewed their business operations and recommended implementation of one the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions that could easily be configured to meet their needs. Lot control data is captured when raw materials are received and used throughout production. Lots are assigned to finished goods, resulting in cradle-to-grave reporting of materials used and customer sales. Gone are concerns related to potential audits and recalls as the information is readily available to the company should a product issue occur. They are now able to meet the needs of larger customers and governmental clients but providing a fully-automated compliance solution.

Integrated systems meet the needs of multiple departments while ensuring security of financial data

A distributor of promotional materials had a fairly common problem, their sales team needed access to customer sales information to manage their customer relationships but the finance team didn’t want to grant them access to the financial system. In order to grow their business and remain competitive, management was stressing the importance of staying in front of their customers and exhibiting knowledge of customers by understanding their buying habits and patterns - information only stored in the company’s ERP system.

We were able to leverage this distributor’s use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by providing integration to their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Customer master information continues to be owned by the financial system, but is synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to insure consistency. The sales team has access to customer order and invoice history from within the CRM system without ever needing to access the ERP system and leverages this information on a continual basis to ensure they are contacting their customers when they are traditionally in their buying season.

Software Solutions Implemented

Are you facing similar challenges in your company? Learn about the applications our professionals used to solve these problems.

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