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Business Intelligence Services

Improve decision making with business intelligence solutions and business intelligence analytics.

Do you find your organization is inundated with data but has trouble finding value in the information? What you need is to be able to find the right data at the right time – an answer database. And better yet - the right answers. Our proven methodology of Business Intelligence design identifies the key business questions and issues executives are trying to answer and maps metrics to those questions. We then work with our clients to prioritize the information needs and build what’s needed – the information to make better decisions delivered in the way it makes the most sense for their unique business.

We work to transform data into an information asset through the creation of data marts or warehouses. Then, make that information actionable by delivering it through dashboards/scorecards, analytic tools and/or reports. Hence providing usable business intelligence.

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped other companies:

Unified tool reinvents how student assessments and achievement scores are analyzed

A school district consisting of 12 different schools and 750+ teachers found themselves struggling to make sense of data from many different systems. Teachers were spending hours assembling data and administrators needed to spend time comparing assessment and achievement scores across different assessment tools, as well as several schools, grades, classrooms, and teachers.

Our professionals solved the problem by working with the client to build a data warehouse, conforming and normalizing the data. Through a data assessment and data profiling, we worked with the client to develop a standard, multi-tier scoring system. The student, teacher, and classroom data was conformed across the district. As a result, teachers and administrators have a centralized source to access this information as it’s delivered through Microsoft SharePoint. Information is delivered to teachers in a static, highly-formatted manner; it’s delivered to administrators using a flexible tool lending itself well to analytics.

Customized system aggregates & integrates large amounts of data for critical monthly reporting and analysis

A large insurance company was struggling with aggregating hundreds of thousands of rows of transactional data per month into meaningful data for statutory reporting and financial analysis. In addition, they needed to create journal entries to account for these transactions from their operational system. Not all the information required in the financial and reporting logic was available in any source system.

We solved the problem by creating a system to apply the required business logic to generate both the journal entries and reporting necessary to support their business. Where an existing data source did not exist, web-based configuration screens were developed and made available to the users – putting finance in control of their own system, rather than relying on an IT resource to change configurations in the database. Working within their technology footprint, the data is sourced and housed in an Oracle database, and transformed using SQL Server Integration Services. Information is delivered via Business Objects and Crystal Reports. We took the efficiency a step further and developed an import to bring the journal entries into their ERP system.

Costs and expenditures managed through secure data mart

A higher education institution needed a better way to manage cost and expenditures. With over 100 departments, each department chair needed to be able to not only see the actual revenue and expenses attributed to their department, but also the commitments made and how those expenditures compare to budget. The ability for users to answer their own questions by drilling into the detail, as well as providing dynamic security were also key drivers in the project.

Our professionals were able to address these issues by designing a data mart capturing key information from their ERP system and putting it together in a way that made the information useable and actionable. Using SQL Server Integration Services to transform the data and SQL Server Analysis Services to manage the dynamic security, each person can see the data relating to their department(s), and nothing else. The information was delivered through drillable reports developed in SQL Server Reporting Services, further leveraging the investment they already made in SQL Server.

Unifying multiple systems and developing standard metrics provides visibility to achieve service goals

A nonprofit provider of social and medical services needed a way to better manage their financial and client service goals at an agency level, while providing detail to the people in the field needing it. Data was sourced in multiple home-grown and commercial systems. Because of the multiple systems, the data did not always have a consistent structure or usage.

We worked to build an enterprise reporting system with this client by first assessing their organizational reporting needs. Rather than taking a data-centric approach, we assessed their business questions, then designed a system to feed those informational needs. Sourcing data from multiple systems as well as conforming it into standard metrics allowed us to provide apples-to-apples performance management across programs and services. The data is accessible to executive and field personnel through dashboards and reports deployed through Microsoft SharePoint.

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