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Improve your customer relationship management with customer management services and relationship management strategy from SVA.
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Customer Relationship Management

Helping you improve customer relationships with customer management services and relationship management strategy.

Time means money. In today’s fast-paced and competitive sales environment, wasted time means wasted opportunities to grow your business. Too often, those opportunities are gone forever.

Companies employing a formalized CRM strategy and sales process are well-prepared to act quickly and decisively when opportunities present themselves. In many cases, that can actually accelerate the sales process!

We work with clients to implement solutions that work, instead of software that is poorly used. Our project methodology includes a thorough discovery of internal and external challenges used to develop a long-range vision and strategy. From that strategy foundation, we develop functional project phases which are logical, practical and profitable.

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped other companies:

Lost customers won back with proactive communication approach fostered by optimized technology solutions

A well-known manufacturer of specialized computer accessories was struggling with how to deal with their expiring patents. Other companies were producing cheaper imitation products, eroding their sales and margins. This was the first time in the company’s history that real competition for their market was experienced. The pain was evident in lost revenue for the company and sales teams.

We worked with the company to better understand how they attract new business and retain existing customers. The strategy was to identify internal projects that would immediately pay dividends and users could embrace. It was critical we drive real revenue opportunities and keep the process easy to use and manage. By leveraging a combination of reliable CRM data with marketing automation best practices, we helped the company do three key things:

  • React immediately and appropriately when opportunities or challenges appeared
  • Communicate clearly the value proposition of their products and experience
  • Maintain “top-of-mind” presence by automating the nurturing of all leads, prospects and customers

At the end of phase 1, the client saw a significant change in how their customers and prospects reacted. By being first in line and clearly communicating their competitive advantage, they began to win back customers who defected and win more deals from new prospects.

Remote access team with real-time information sharing—leads to immediate increase in company revenue

A prominent insurance company was challenged to provide their outbound sales force with timely information about their customers and prospects. While on the road, the reps would routinely need to access information and their only outlet was to call the home office for assistance. This would generally require a lot of research and long phone calls to disseminate the information completely and accurately. Needless to say, the time spent on the phone meant less time in front of clients and prospects.

Our professionals solved the problem through a series of data migrations into Microsoft CRM. Several data sources were identified as critical to the sales process, merging that data into a single source was necessary for success. Once the migration and data cleansing was complete, we delivered CRM to their outbound sales force on their iPads. Instead of carrying bulky computers that took forever to boot, the reps had a lightweight, powerful and flexible device at their fingertips. It could not only facilitate the sales process, but would also deliver presentations and other documentation to their clients and prospects in a professional manner.

The inside support team ran CRM through their Microsoft Outlook client and could immediately see the information the outbound reps entered into CRM from their iPad. This nearly instantaneous transfer of customer knowledge helped to streamline and shorten the sales cycle and the company saw revenue grow by 8% in the first quarter of use!

Redundancies with information sharing, manual processes and version control eliminated with centralized database

A regional developer of hotel properties was looking for a centralized database to manage all aspects of property development, construction and hotel management. Prior to CRM, they used a number of independent spreadsheets on a number of local computers. Sharing of information was tedious and sometimes impossible. And because the information was not centralized, many times duplicates of the same data or spreadsheet existed. Managing the cleanup and data synchronization effort was incredibly time consuming and expensive.

We worked with the company to identify key information needing to be available to all users and then tailored CRM with additional data records allowing that data to be managed properly. Most important, the central CRM database was accessible to users through their Microsoft Outlook email client and on their Android phones. Eliminating access issues from the field as well.

In addition to streamlining the information gathering and management processes, the company was able to use the centralized data to help manage projects and customer service issues in a more effective and timely manner.

Software Solutions Implemented

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