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Enterprise Content Management: Using document management services and content management strategy to eliminate piles of paperwork.
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Enterprise Content Management

Using document management services and content management strategy to eliminate piles of paperwork.

Upgrading to SharePoint 2013?

Your organization is feeling overrun with paper, emails and office documents. Manually routing documents for approval, filing paper and using shared network drives just isn’t working any longer. You’re looking for a holistic solution that better manages all this information. A solution creating efficiency, reducing risk, requiring minimal IT resources and has a proven return-on-investment. We have that solution and better yet a proven methodology for implementing it into your organization, quickly.

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped other companies:

Centralized data storage eliminates delays with manual processes

A large, diverse multi-state transportation company, operating a fleet (700+) of motor coaches, school buses and limousines was struggling to manage the paperwork across numerous locations. Invoices, work orders and other associated documents originated at remote locations then were manually routed for approval and eventually storage. This paperwork was only part of the problem. They were also challenged to maintain asset and service records on the fleet, standard human resource information on the drivers as well as licensing information. Security of this information was critical.

We solved the problem, by centralizing data storage, automating approval routings and appropriately securing the documents. Paper documents are now being scanned and routed electronically. People at remote locations now all have access to information that previously required contacting someone else to retrieve and forward. Stakeholders now have the confidence their information is made available to authorized individuals. Business is good and expansion made a whole lot easier.

Request and approval process automated and auditable

A prominent construction management company was in the final stages of completing a $1.5 Billion dollar stadium and needed to start the acquisition process of furniture, fixtures and equipment. The budget approached $100 Million dollars of assets to be purchased and they needed a stringent approval process producing auditable documentation. Adding to the complexity was the fact they would be using multiple external agents who would negotiate the purchases and issue contract requests.

In a matter of weeks, our professionals put together a system that fully automated the request and approval process. The information being captured (who approved, asset specifications, warrantee info) is all stored in a central repository for searching and archiving. Additionally, the system is able to produce information needed to monitor the actual spend compared to the budgeted numbers. All information auditable and securely made available to user community.

Multi-department collaboration accomplished, visibility and efficiency achieved

One of the nation’s largest private publishers of educational products and services needed a better method for teams to collaborate when developing educational material. Their need centered around three key requirements; 1) Securing and managing content such as text, illustrations and artwork as it was developed. 2) Managing a sequence of tasks being performed by employees, external authors and vendors. 3) Reporting to stakeholders the status of production and manufacturing process. Visibility into the status of task and resulting content was critical to decision making.

Our professionals configured a custom solution for this client bringing together content management, task management and status reporting. Project Coordinators, authors, editors, and printers can all collaborate throughout the production process through a portal. Stakeholders now have visibility into the status of process which requires aggregating cost information from their accounting system with task status from the content management system. The end result, efficiency in the production process and days saved monthly by automating status reporting.

Web technology eliminates bottleneck of paperwork and limited access to key information

A private hotelier managing dozens of facilities across the country was bottlenecked with paper documents and unable to keep up the requests for information from the remote locations. They needed a way to electronically capture data at the individual sites and allow remote users to securely gain access to a central repository.

We solved this problem, putting in the necessary web technology for remote users to enter data, scan paper documents, and query (search) for information. Their processes are now industrialized, offering additional benefits when addressing challenges such as staff turn-over or covering workload in peak periods.

Software Solutions Implemented

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