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With our business technology resources, you'll get the business technology information you need to make the right decision.
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Business Technology Resources

Getting the business technology information you need to make the right decision.


  • .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications

    This guide will help you effectively select the right Microsoft development technologies and approaches for your .NET custom application development, depending on the priorities you have for your application and for your business domain.

  • Business Intelligence Services

    Leverage the data you’re already collecting to help build more effective business strategies using BI solutions from us.

  • IT Strategic Planning Guide

    The IT Strategic Planning Guide can be used to formalize the course of action an organization can take to align technology with the company’s business strategy.

  • Microsoft Dynamics® GP Product Capabilities Guide

    Whether you are an existing customer evaluating options to expand your solution with additional modules, or are considering Microsoft Dynamics GP as your company’s new financial management solution, this guide provides an overview of the product modules available within Microsoft Dynamics GP grouped by the functional area they address across your business.

  • Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Product Capabilities Guide

    From financials and supply chain management to manufacturing and operations, Microsoft Dynamics NAV brings people and systems together to help you run your business more efficiently. This guide provides an overview of the product granules available within Microsoft Dynamics NAV grouped by the functional area they address across your business.

  • Microsoft Dynamics® SL Product Capabilities Guide

    From financials and distribution to service and projects, Microsoft Dynamics SL brings people and systems together to help you run your business more efficiently. This guide provides an overview of the product modules available within Microsoft Dynamics SL grouped by the functional area they address across your business.

  • Selecting Enterprise Software Systems

    When you invest in a business solution, you are buying a relationship, not just a product. The essential guide is intended to give you valuable, street-smart information about the inner workings of business technology partners. Throughout the guide, you will find supporting questions you should ask yourself and prospective partners.

  • Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Microsoft Dynamics® GP – Guide

    Designed for rapid implementation and ease of use, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives all your people fast, familiar ways to access and work with business information and processes, and it delivers ongoing innovation that can work for you now and into the future.

  • Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Microsoft Dynamics® SL – Guide

    Microsoft Dynamics SL helps you connect project management and accounting, streamline business processes, and deliver insight across your entire organization so that your projects are estimated correctly—and delivered on time and on budget.

Articles & Publications

  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Software Selection Whitepaper

    The problem of selecting the wrong software package doesn’t always result from not asking the right questions. One of the greatest predictability factors for success in software implementation is vertical alignment – is the product made for what you do? Selecting the wrong solution can result in not only increased initial outlay and timelines, but also even greater, hidden costs beyond the implementation stage.

  • Customer Compliance Demands: Beast of burden, or new business opportunity?

    The movement towards highly advanced electronically collaborative supply chains is well underway. Compliance demands are the wave of the future, and it’s time to build a strategic relationship with them rather than fight the inevitable. A small Distributor can compete with a competitor ten times it size by simply using IT as a strategic weapon.

  • Demand Planning: Optimizing operations across the supply chain

    Manufacturers and distributors who have invested in new demand planning systems have benefitted not only through improvements in internal operations, but also from the greater collaboration fostered by these technologies. The end results are tighter, more efficient, and more responsive supply chains—and happier customers. The benefits are significant reductions in inventory and warehouse space, an improved ability to supply the customer, and increased sales.

  • Finding the Strategic Power in Projects

    This book explains how your company can use new project management techniques and software to track labor expenses more efficiently, anticipate customer needs better, reduce administrative data entry costs, and increase profits. Finding the Strategic Power in Projects is written by Cynthia LeRouge, CPA, an industry expert in project management, accounting and technology.

  • First Steps to Achieving Effective Inventory Control

    Our goal is to help distributors reach their maximum business potential by delivering connected solutions designed to meet unique business processes through trusted partnerships and ongoing service. This report is designed to help forward-thinking distributors increase efficiency, customer service and profitability with smart inventory management strategies based on tried and proven methods and best practices.

  • Improving the Accuracy of Your Forecasts

    Accurate demand forecasts are a critical factor in achieving effective inventory management. If you do not have good estimates of future usage, you are forced to overstock in order to maintain a high level of customer service. It costs a lot of money to maintain this excess inventory, money that probably could be put to better use. You need to develop the most accurate forecast of future demand possible for every stocked product in your inventory!

  • Inventory Management: Analyzing inventory to maximize profitability

    It is unfortunate that management in many companies is convinced that the primary key to increasing corporate profitability is to encourage salespeople to increase sales and gross margins. This action is important, but not the only path to success. In fact, effectively managing your inventory investment can contribute as much or even more to your organization’s bottom line. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain by actively managing what is probably your largest asset.

  • Keeping Stock Balances Accurate

    If you don’t know what is actually in your warehouse or storeroom, you cannot provide customers with reliable stock availability information and you won’t reorder products at the proper time. Maintaining accurate stock balances is a vital component of an effective inventory management program.

  • Manufacturing Solutions: Five Strategies for Lowering Inventory Costs

    As a manufacturer, you need the right technology tools to help your company stay ahead of the competition. Based on work with many successful manufacturing companies like yours, we show you which factors directly and indirectly affect inventory costs and how you can control them. Regardless of the size of your business, we’re confident you’ll find an idea or two that will help you better manage and control inventory costs.

  • Not for Profit: Solutions for Improving Operational Control

    Learn how Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers access to decision-driving information to help manage your organization more effectively.

  • Optimizing Business Productivity: Do More for Your Customers and Your Business

    As sales, marketing and service teams increase their productivity through use of an integrated CRM solution, both customer experience and business results improve, creating a competitive advantage.

  • Optimizing Warehouse ROI

    This white paper addresses the areas that are directly involved with the value-adds and ROI opportunities in automated warehouse processes using bar-code and wireless RF technology along with Warehouse Management System (WMS) software. Specifically, this paper focuses on how progressive companies can keep mistakes at an acceptable minimum, improve efficiency, maintain compliance, maximize personnel utilization, and maximize inventory investment through effective use of inbound and outbound logistics and warehouse operations. In a modern, automated warehouse management environment, these activities take place in a smooth, uninterrupted flow.

  • Sales and Marketing: The New Power Couple

    Download this whitepaper to learn how an integrated CRM solution can remove the obstacles between the sales and marketing teams and turn them into a collaborative workforce that benefits your company’s profitability.

  • Software Helps Trim Waste in Lean Distribution

    The concept of “Lean” seems to be everywhere. In our industry, we are more likely to be discussing manufacturing operations than waistlines. However, “Lean Thinking” has a number of applications within the warehouse and office of a distributor as well. Deploying the right software and using it from a lean perspective can be critical to achieving Lean results.

  • The Manufacturing Software Evaluation and Planning Guide

    Speed, quality and customer service are critical components to success in the manufacturing environment of today — and tomorrow. If the software that controls your manufacturing process can’t provide all three, your company may find itself at a distinct disadvantage in an increasingly fast-paced economy. But how can you analyze the health of your manufacturing software? With this guide, you can evaluate your current system effectiveness and determine if your organization would benefit from implementing a new manufacturing system.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

    The fundamental business needs that drive the requirement for effective and efficient customer management practices remain unchanged: acquiring new customers, building tighter bonds of loyalty, and reducing the costs of marketing, selling, and servicing. As a consequence, interest in investing in and deploying solutions to improve customer-facing business processes remains strong.

  • Winning Distribution Strategies — 6 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Profits

    This report contains six strategies that have been proven to streamline processes for distribution-focused companies. Regardless of your years in distribution management, we’re confident you’ll find an idea or two to help you reduce costs and boost sales.