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With our Microsoft SharePoint services, you'll get a collaboration software, so your everyone in your business can work together better.
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Microsoft SharePoint: Collaboration Software

Make it easier to work together with our SharePoint services.

Upgrading to SharePoint 2013?

Teamwork. Collaboration. Cooperation. Communication. Microsoft SharePoint brings these pieces together. In today’s business culture much of the work that gets done requires cooperation, collaboration and communication between team members with specialized skills. For many organizations those essential team players are not in the same location, which makes productive sharing difficult. This is where Microsoft SharePoint shines. Acting as a central point for sharing information and data, connecting people and processes with an easy-to-use web-based interface.

Microsoft SharePoint

Solves Everyday Business Challenges

  • Promotes team collaboration across multiple sites & locations with shared environment
  • Manages versions of documents in case of inadvertent overrides
  • Controls team managed and collaborated information into one area
  • Promotes action among team members with dynamic dashboards and analysis tools
  • Improves company-wide communication with ability to share information to all users

Discover how SharePoint can help you get more done.

Key functionality includes:

  • Create a secure intranet for your business
  • Share tasks, contacts, discussions, projects, documents, procedures, expenses forms, announcements, events and more from any location
  • Collaborate online in a secure environment
  • Create dashboards to monitor corporate performance
  • Analyze data via secure connections with built-in analysis tools
  • Increase individual and team productivity
  • Seamlessly share and manage large files
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office

Getting Started

With a full range of services and certified professionals, we can take on projects ranging from assessment and strategy to simply providing technical guidance on a specific area of SharePoint. Our commonly-used services are listed below and we are very comfortable customizing an offering to address your exact situation.

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services – Free

We are a certified SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) firm and Microsoft Partner. You can use our services to better understand the business value of deploying SharePoint Products and technologies. Our SharePoint Consultants would be happy to explain how this Microsoft program works.

SharePoint Assessment

There are two distinct components of our assessment – a content (information) assessment and a technical readiness assessment. The technical readiness assessment is typically short in duration and will provide you with the needed information to prepare your computing environment for SharePoint. The content assessment is a bit longer and typically involves a larger population of your users. During this portion of the assessment our consultants will be facilitating sessions aimed at discovering the information challenges hindering the organization. The result is insightful and the information needed to both prioritize actions and configure SharePoint.

Minimally, you will receive the following:

  • Architectural overview outlining your current computing environments ability to host SharePoint and a recommendation for remedial upgrades
  • Inventory of Content and how it is currently managed. Preliminary thoughts on if and how SharePoint could assist
  • Facilitate discovery sessions
  • Preliminary SharePoint Licensing

SharePoint Strategy and Planning

Our SharePoint Strategy and Planning services bring into alignment your business needs and the capabilities of SharePoint. We do the preliminary alignment and then take you through a prioritization exercise. Prioritization is based on business need or impact in conjunction with technical feasibility. We will work with and for you in the creation of a well-defined plan on how to proceed with a SharePoint deployment.

Minimally, you will receive the following:

  • Identified business needs from various parts of your organization
  • Results from the prioritization exercise
  • A roadmap outlining a prioritized, time-phased sequence of tasks required to deploy components of SharePoint
  • Facilitate prioritization sessions

SharePoint Design and Governance

Unmanaged growth and proliferation of SharePoint is not what you want. As many can attest, this only leads to bigger challenges of administration, findability of information, and risk of data exposure. Our design services will assist you in avoiding the undesirable, ensuring you are on the right path to reach the desired benefits from your SharePoint deployment. We bring our business expertise, knowledge of information processing, taxonomy design skills, search, workflows, etc. when developing a design for you.

Minimally, you will receive the following:

  • Content Architecture (Meta data requirements, content types / sources)
  • Use cases and personas (workflows, forms processing, data views)
  • Data governance and security specifications
  • Connectivity services specification

SharePoint Implementation and Pilots

SharePoint being a technology, as opposed to business application, offers an unlimited number of user-experiences. Combine that flexibility with the ability to handle a variety of different information types and you quickly realize traditional implementation techniques just will not work. A more iterative approach to addressing the user experience is what we suggest and use. We will work with you in configuring sites (content, style, workflows, etc.), exposing the users and reacting to feedback. Together we will identify the optimal configuration for your purposes.

Minimally, you will receive the following:

  • Configured SharePoint Sites for Piloting
  • Template Sites
  • Documentation on users likes, dislikes

SharePoint Search Strategy and Integrations

The ability to search for content has changed the way we work and is sought after feature of SharePoint. However, contrary to what some believe, simply putting documents or content in SharePoint doesn’t make it searchable. Understanding how to index, tag, crawl or connect to content is what makes is searchable. We will work to educate you in the search capabilities and design search to meet your needs. This includes the search strategy, use of filters, content types, site security, content security and integration services.

Minimally, you will receive the following:

  • Configured Search
  • Business needs document
  • Search strategy documentation

SharePoint Quickstart

You’re looking to employ SharePoint with a specific application in mind. You’re not seeking an optimal configuration and you need to be up quickly. Under the right conditions and the right expectations we can assist. With you at our side or independently, we will install, configure, pilot and deploy a site in a rapid fashion. This approach is appropriate when a group needs to quickly start collecting data and collaborating on an initiative that has as defined short life (e.g. an event, a project).

Maximizing your Investment in Business Technology

To stay competitive, companies need to apply new technology effectively. At SVA Consulting, our professionals assist you throughout the lifecycle of your software initiatives—from strategic consulting to advice on your implementation and ongoing support of your system.

Helpful Resources

  • Visit Microsoft’s Product Website

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