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Using distribution technology, supply chain solutions and distribution software to solve business challenges for businesses like yours.
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Distribution Technology and Supply Chain Solutions

Using distribution software and technology to solve business challenges for businesses like yours.

As a distributor, your goal is to get the right product to the right customer at the right time and at the right prices. Sounds easy – until you see what’s happening in your world.

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In order to thrive in today’s competitive environments you can benefit significantly from an integrated, end-to-end business management system. Our professionals understand the problems you face on a daily basis and have the proven expertise to not only solve them but to provide best practices and strategy in finding the right solution.

Our professionals have specialized expertise in working with niche areas within the distribution industry including Food, Beverage, and FDA-Regulated Products and Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution discover the challenges we’ve helped them solve.

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped other distributors and supply chain management companies:

Ability to remotely access customer information anywhere, anytime gives advantage in highly competitive industry

A mid-size, family-owned distributor has built a niche providing local industries with complex packaging equipment and consumable packing supplies. The industry is highly competitive and requires an efficient operation to keep margins at a profitable level. Sales reps not only maintain a strong relationship with the customer; they are often solution experts providing pre-sale consulting service and in-depth knowledge of products and solutions. From the field, they need access to information about the customer’s account, their on-hand inventory and the status of orders. While the organization currently has the IT infrastructure to support a new system, as a small company they have historically struggled to keep their hardware current and support their IT needs internally.

Using the core-accounting, distribution, and CRM suites from Acumatica, they can deploy an on-premise solution today using their current hardware. Since Acumatica provides a choice of deployment methods, they have the flexibility to deploy at a future point onto a true Cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure. Built from the ground up as a pure browser-based solution, Acumatica is available on a variety of devices including the sales rep’s smartphones or Ipads. They have the ability to remotely access all information on a customer, their order status, or current inventory availability.

High value inventory located quickly in warehouse and shipped accurately with integrated system

An online retailer distributes brand-named outdoor power equipment directly to consumers. Remaining price competitive and delivering the right product, on time, is critical to their success. Their products are highly seasonal and move through the warehouse quickly. Traditionally, this made it difficult for warehouse workers to quickly find product. In this industry, different models of similar product may look alike, yet carry very different price points. Combine all of this with very high freight costs and mis-shipping product could be disastrous - both to their profit and reputation.

Using Accellos One Warehouse, tightly integrated with their custom eCommerce website and Microsoft Dynamics, all product is pre-labeled with barcodes and scanned as it arrives at the warehouse. The Accellos warehouse management system (WMS) helps direct them when they put the product away as well as locate product quickly when it is time to ship. Since the product is barcoded, simple scanning ensures the right product is being shipped to the right customer. Because every product is scanned whenever it is moved within the warehouse, the high-value inventory is now extremely accurate.

Integrated bar-code system leads to real-time inventory, increased order accuracy and improved shipping standards

One of the nation’s largest publishers of books in the K-12 and Higher-Education markets shipped publications to all major book retailers, college retailers and direct to schools and universities. The volume is extremely seasonal, with huge increases in transactions in just a few months of the year. During these peak seasons, orders were batched periodically and sent to the warehouse, causing huge peaks and valleys in the warehouse operations. Order quantities vary substantial, with just a few books in one order, to cases or pallets on another. With all the cases looking alike.

SVA replaced a custom bar-code collection system with a full WMS from Accellos and tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. All receipt, inventory movement, and orders integrate in real time between the WMS and Dynamics, allow the warehouse to better utilize labor dollars and increasing their ability to ship later in the day. SVA integrated the WMS with Carousel pick-to-light and conveyor automation to create an inefficient, automated process in the warehouse. Because all product is now scanned and integrated real-time, inventory and order accuracy have both soared.

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Software Solutions Implemented

Are you facing similar challenges in your company? Learn about the applications our professionals used to solve these problems.

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