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Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution Management Services

Using distribution management technology and product distribution software to solve business challenges for companies like yours.

Product distributors or packagers of product sold to retail outlets that ultimately sell directly to consumers often face significant challenges in IT. Whether a small, regional player or a large, national or international market leader, organizations selling to big-box retailers often must adhere to the same IT standards.

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped other distributors and supply chain management companies:

Inventory accuracy improved, back-orders reduced and picking process improved

A regional distributor of dental products, sold primarily through telesales representatives, included the most commonly consumed product in a dental office - as well as thousands of special order products. Stocking the right products in the right quantities was challenging – inventory value was high, they had a high percentage of back-orders, inventory was inaccurate and the picking process was slow and inefficient.

SVA implemented a turn-key solution composed of Microsoft Dynamics, Accellos One Warehouse Management Software and RockySoft Demand Planning and Forecasting. With the WMS, inventory is much more accurate, back orders are cross-docked and filled before they are put away. They also no longer need additional labor to check the accuracy of every order. Now that inventory is accurate, they are also able to statistically model and forecast inventory. This significantly reduces the amount of inventory they need to carry, while at the same time, increasing their fill rate.

Struggle to keep up with fast moving inventory eliminated, shipping errors reduced

A large manufacturer of food products produces their own branded product as well as many private-label products for other brands. They sell primarily through all the major grocery retail outlets. All raw material and finished product must be lot controlled. This entire process was tracked manually. Because inventory moved so fast, it was difficult to keep track of where the inventory resided in the warehouse and product often expired. The process of labeling shipments with compliance labels was also manual and slow. Finally, because all finished goods looked alike, it was easy to mis-ship product.

Using a tightly-integrated solution of Microsoft Dynamics and Accellos One Warehouse, all raw materials are bar-coded and scanned on receipt, including the lot numbers and expiration dates. As materials are consumed and finished goods are produced, the consumption and production are scanned and tracked as well. About 40 different trading partners communicate electronically via EDI. All UCC-128 labels are printed during the picking process and that information is scanned and sent to the customers via an Advanced Ship Notice.

Integrated bar-code system leads to real-time inventory, increased order accuracy and improved shipping standards

One of the nation’s largest publishers of books in the K-12 and Higher-Education markets shipped publications to all major book retailers, college retailers and direct to schools and universities. The volume is extremely seasonal, with huge increases in transactions in just a few months of the year. During these peak seasons, orders were batched periodically and sent to the warehouse, causing huge peaks and valleys in the warehouse operations. Order quantities vary substantially, with just a few books in one order, to cases or pallets on another. With all the cases looking alike.

SVA replaced a custom bar-code collection system with a full WMS from Accellos and tightly-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. All receipt, inventory movement and orders integrate in real-time between the WMS and Dynamics, allowing the warehouse to better utilize labor dollars and increasing their ability to ship later in the day. SVA integrated the WMS with carousel pick-to-light and conveyor automation to create an efficient, automated process in the warehouse. Because all product is now scanned and integrated real-time, inventory and order accuracy have both soared.

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Customer service and relationship management improved with technology

A well-known international producer of specialty sporting goods products distributes products primarily to national and international retail markets. Management of the relationships and tracking of all of the documentation, specifications, and customer-service problem and resolution tracking is critical.

SVA Implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to better manage the relationship and provide the organization with a global view of any customer-service activities associated with the customer.

Software Solutions Implemented

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