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With food, beverage and FDA-regulated products distribution management solutions from SVA, you'll get the technology you need for your business,  such as a new inventory management system or food distribution software.
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Food, Beverage & FDA-Regulated Products Distribution Management Solutions

Using technology like food distribution software or an inventory management system to solve business challenges for organizations like yours.

For Small to mid-sized producers or distributors of food products, beverages, or other FDA-regulated products IT requirements can be greater than in almost any other industry. This is especially true when a portion of the product is ultimately distributed through retail; either high-end regional or national specialty retailers or even the mass retail market including grocery chains like Kroger and Safeway, or Target, WalMart, etc.

In addition to classic IT requirements like accounting, order entry, and purchasing, there are at least three additional factors that contribute to a stronger need for technology; meeting the Bio Terrorism Act and other regulatory requirements, complex Inventory Management challenges, and Customer Compliance requirements when distributing through retailers other than your own retail stores (which adds an additional layer of complexity).

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped other distributors and supply chain management companies:

Struggle to keep up with fast moving inventory eliminated, shipping errors reduced

A large manufacturer of food products produces their own branded product as well as many private-label products for other brands. They sell primarily through all the major grocery retail outlets. All raw material and finished product must be lot controlled. This entire process was tracked manually. Because inventory moved so fast, it was difficult to keep track of where the inventory resided in the warehouse and product often expired. The process of labeling shipments with compliance labels was also manual and slow. Finally, because all finished goods looked alike, it was easy to mis-ship product.

Using a tightly-integrated solution of Microsoft Dynamics and Accellos One Warehouse, all raw materials are bar-coded and scanned on receipt, including the lot numbers and expiration dates. As materials are consumed and finished goods are produced, the consumption and production are scanned and tracked as well. About 40 different trading partners communicate electronically via EDI. All UCC-128 labels are printed during the picking process and that information is scanned and sent to the customers via an Advanced Ship Notice.

Complete lot traceability from source to the destination achieved

A medium-sized producer and distributor of branded snack food distributes their product through thousands of convenience stores and specialty retail outlets. They process a large volume of orders with a variety of customers, each with various price contracts. Because their products are regulated by the FDA, lot traceability is critical.

Microsoft Dynamics is used to keep track of all of their different price contracts and applies the proper price at the time orders are entered. Finished products are tracked in a perpetual inventory system by the production Lot Numbers. Each customer invoice contains the lot numbers of the products shipped, giving them complete traceability from the source to the destination.

Software Solutions Implemented

Are you facing similar challenges in your company? Learn about the applications our professionals used to solve these problems.

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