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A clear, proven process using software for nonprofit, nonprofit management programs and so much more.

Today's nonprofit organizations work in a world of rising expectations and limited resources. Most of your funds are directed toward advancing your external cause rather than supporting administrative functions. You need to find ways to accomplish more with less and still meet your stated objectives. Comprehensive nonprofit software is essential for ensuring accountability and gaining efficiency in operations so more can be accomplished using existing resources. Software provides the tools to manage typical business processes such as paying vendors, tracking cash inflows, paying employees, and budgeting, while also addressing the fund-centric nature of non-profit accounting. Having the right solution can also help to demonstrate financial accountability to your Board with reports that track program budgets, donations, and expenditures.

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped nonprofit organizations:

Control over budget and costs managed with ERP solution

A large regional nonprofit organization holds a variety of well attended events each year. The budget and costs for these events can be challenging to manage as several individuals within the organization are responsible for purchasing products and services related to each event. Remaining within budget for each event is of utmost concern as attendees pay to attend the events and ticket prices are determined in advance in anticipation of event costs.

Our professionals solved their challenge by implementing an integrated budgeting and purchase requisition solution as part of their overall ERP configuration. Employees make purchase requests related to events that are compared to specific budget components, with attempts to overspend routed to management for approval prior to making commitments to their suppliers. Surprises are eliminated as all involved know if and when they are experiencing a budgetary concern, providing them with an opportunity to proactively alter their event purchases to remain within budget.

Manual processes eliminated, more accurate financial reporting achieved

A small nonprofit organization created several small companies to manage their business operations. A single financial entity is responsible for paying the bills for all entities, resulting in the need to generate intercompany due to/from entries across these companies. This process was managed manually as their existing financial system did not offer a way to automate this process. This process required considerable manual effort while impacting their ability to generate accurate financial reporting quickly at the end of the month.

Updating this nonprofit organization’s financial solution provided a quick fix to this problem. SVA recommended implementation of an ERP system providing out-of-the-box intercompany functionality allowing them to automate the creation of intercompany transactions. Now when the primary company pays a bill for another related company, the system automatically creates and posts the appropriate due to/from entries for all related companies, eliminating the need to manually make these adjustments later. As an added bonus, the included consolidated financial reporting tools allow them to create accurate consolidated financial reports reflecting the elimination of cross-company transactions.

Fund management achieved helping group make better business decisions

A local arm of a national religious organization was growing the types of community services offered but struggling to understand the costs related to each type of service. As typical with many nonprofit organizations, this organization was utilizing a low-end financial system limiting the organization of their chart of accounts and ability to provide departmental specific analysis reports. As a budget driven organization, it was important for them to understand where funds were being depleted and cost overruns occurring.

The audit team with SVA Certified Public Accountants recognized this problem and asked SVA Consulting to provide assistance. SVA’s solution was to replace the low-end financial system with a cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics ERP system configured to meet their needs. Using a tool allowing them to categorize costs by service area provides the organization with the information they need to control their budget and make effective business decisions. Historical trends can be analyzed and actual to budget statistics monitored on an ongoing basis insuring that their limited funds are managed in accordance with their organization’s goals and philosophies.

Unifying multiple systems and developing standard metrics provides visibility to achieve service goals

A nonprofit provider of social and medical services needed a way to better manage their financial and client service goals at an agency level, while providing detail to the people in the field needing it. Data was sourced in multiple home-grown and commercial systems. Because of the multiple systems, the data did not always have a consistent structure or usage.

We worked to build an enterprise reporting system with this client by first assessing their organizational reporting needs. Rather than taking a data-centric approach, we assessed their business questions, then designed a system to feed those informational needs. Sourcing data from multiple systems as well as conforming it into standard metrics allowed us to provide apples-to-apples performance management across programs and services. The data is accessible to executive and field personnel through dashboards and reports deployed through Microsoft SharePoint.

Software Solutions Implemented

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