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Using our professional services technology to solve business challenges for organizations like you.

Professional Services organizations today face an array of challenges. Many companies view spending on outside services as discretionary and have cut back on the number of projects they outsource. For those they do outsource, they demand more accountability on the part of the professional service firm and are less tolerable of operational inefficiencies or budget overruns.

Comprehensive professional services software is essential for ensuring accountability and gaining efficiency in operations. Project data needs to be captured as efficiently as possible and operating results should be readily available to project managers to support better decisions. Management needs reporting that accurately depicts current results and helps provide insight into upcoming workload.

Here are a few real-life stories of how SVA has helped professional services organizations:

Project billing becomes accurate and on-time with both remote access and real-time reporting

A multi-office outside IT consulting company was struggling to continue to grow their company within the confines of their existing ERP system. With employees and managers generally working in the field, this company needed a solution with remote access - for employees to enter project related time and expenses as well as for managers to view the status of the projects under their control. As project billing occurred on a biweekly basis, capturing employees’ time and expenses quickly and accurately is key to this company’s ability to quickly generate customer invoices and maintain a strong level of cash flow.

Our answer to their problem was implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics SL solution. The company leverages the strong project control and budgetary aspects of the system to ensure projects are billed accurately and on-time. The portal tools of Microsoft Dynamics SL allow employees to enter their time and expenses remotely as they occur. Project managers utilize the portal tools to view real-time project status information, allowing them to manage and react to budgetary concerns before they grow out of control.

Utilizing more robust system provides growing start-up with project management and purchasing controls

A local company provides operation and maintenance services for a variety of electrical plants. As a start-up company, they recognized the importance of capturing project related costs and to bill for their services on a timely basis in order to maintain profitability. Streamlining their purchasing process was of concern - while the number of customers served was relatively small, they work with thousands of vendors to support their operation. Of equal importance to them was implementing a solution from the start that would allow them to continue to growth their business at a rapid pace.

As many start-up companies do, this organization had initially purchased a low-end financial system to manage their business. SVA recognized they were quickly outgrowing this solution and recommended the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics SL. This solution provided a platform for managing project costs and billing at the detailed level required to run their business. This company leveraged the strong purchasing controls in Microsoft Dynamics SL and its integration with the project series to understand committed as well as actual costs on projects, helping them control costs while staying within the project budget. As this company continues to grow and diversify, Microsoft Dynamics SL will provide them with a platform to efficiently manage multiple companies without needing to incrementally add head-count.

Streamlined processes and integrated systems achieved with updated system

A regional specialty material construction supplier was outgrowing their antiquated DOS application. As a diverse operation servicing not only homeowners but commercial customers, they needed a project costing system that could scale from simplistic projects to large, multi-phased projects. Payroll integration was a key component of this project, as well as the ability to manage work-in-progress and process billings on larger projects often competitively won via bid. Placing timely information in the hands of their project managers was important to control costs and maintain profitability during a period of decreasing sales resulting from the recent economic downturn.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics SL was the solution to their problem. Flexibility in the system allows them to structure projects to capture minimal or very detailed levels of costs and to generate customer invoices with various levels of detail. Microsoft Dynamics SL’s integrated Payroll module was implemented, streamlining their payroll processing efforts as approved employee entered time is automatically passed to the payroll module for processing. The included portal applications allowing their project managers to stay on top of project costs to insure that projects remain within budget and profitable.

Software Solutions Implemented

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