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International Tax Strategies

Developing & implementing tax strategies for a global business world.

In today’s business environment, conducting business around the globe is as common as doing business across town. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring your business will benefit from the most tax-efficient structuring of cross-border business activities.

Aliens and Expatriates

We have staff trained in preparing individual tax returns for both U.S. residents working abroad as well as foreign expatriates working in the U.S. We prepare these returns according to current IRS rules and ensure that all credits and deductions that are available to our clients are correctly reported in their return. In addition, we advise clients making payments to such individuals as to their withholding requirements for foreign residents working in the United States.

Choice of Entity

We evaluate and discuss the best type of entity to use when clients begin to do business internationally. This planning can allow the use of the international losses in the United States or minimize the U.S. tax on the international business.

Structuring of Transactions

We develop and evaluate ideas and planning for the structure of international transactions to minimize taxes. This can involve research, analysis and preparation. We also have contacts in many countries to assist on the foreign side of the transaction.

Transfer Pricing

The IRS has power to reallocate income, deductions and other tax items among commonly controlled businesses in order to prevent evasion of taxes. The IRS is especially alert to situations where income is being shifted outside the United States. The transfer pricing rules are extremely complicated and it can be difficult to determine when and how they apply to specific transactions. We advise our clients of issues to consider when examining and determining their inter-company pricing policies in order to minimize the risk of challenge. We can also assist clients in arranging for a transfer-pricing study to be done by a third-party, which can further reduce the risk of challenge.

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