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State and Local Tax Strategies

Achieve a practical state and local tax strategy with SVA.

Minimize the effects of taxation on your business. SVA can help manage state and local tax burdens by identifying and recommending solutions consistent with good business practices and according to the laws and rules of your state.

Credits and Incentives

We make clients aware of any tax credits or incentives in the various states.

Multi-State Nexus Planning

Where a client’s business is located and where the client actually does business can have a tremendous impact on one’s tax liability. By analyzing your particular situation, we can determine whether there is a filing obligation in a state(s) or how much tax is involved.


We prepare and review accurate returns for all states with the appropriate documentation by using the most highly qualified personnel. We work with the client to provide the relevant information on a timely basis. We provide expertise in the multi-state tax area.


When entering a new area to do business, there may be certain registrations that are necessary in order to legally do business in that state. We can help with the registration process and keep the client informed of all of the taxes/fees that may apply to the client.


There are many gray areas of the tax law that, depending on the facts and circumstances, will have many different answers. Our team of experienced tax professionals will research the particular tax area with the intent of resolving and backing up the stated position that will stand up against a governmental objection.

Tax Audit Assistance

States have become more aggressive in going after multi-state taxpayers. First, we try to avoid audits by managing our clients’ exposure to taxation in various states. In the event of an audit, we will provide only the records requested by the auditor and encourage the client to have the auditor meet with us in our offices so that they do not interrupt the business.

Voluntary Disclosure Program

We help clients assess their filing obligations in various states and identify the best procedure to begin filing in the applicable states. Many states offer a voluntary disclosure program than can allow the client to meet his or her filing obligations while minimizing audit risk and reduce or eliminate penalties.

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