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Audit Services and Financial Statement Review

Comply with requirements. Verify audit results.

Our audit services are tailored specifically for your particular organization or industry and will improve information quality leading to greater opportunities for success.

"Our SVA auditors follow auditing standards and they understand us. Because of this, their audit procedures are a better fit for our industry."

-Brian McMahon, Director of Finance, Rockford MetroCentre

Whether we’re testing your records and procedures, incorporating technology that translates financial information from trial balances into integrated financial statements, or analyzing financial information, we capture and analyze the information you need for your operation. You’ll benefit from objective, independent analysis to assist in controlling costs, increasing efficiencies and procedural changes keeping with the marketplace, accounting standards or tax law.

SVA’s financial statement services focus on all three levels of assurance depending on your needs.


Offer the highest level of assurance to outside sources and third-parties. They include an in-depth examination and confirmation of account balances, inventories and a sample of transactions.


Offer limited assurance to outside sources. They involve analytical reviews of financial statements to identify any items requiring further review. Reviews are conducted to ensure integrity of data.


Offer no assurance to outside sources. They are usually requested internally and do not offer assurance but may involve some adjustment to accounting records.

Our professionals have worked in industry, that experience gives us the ability to speak your language. We listen and respond to your business needs. We understand your desire to serve your customers while we are performing our work. Flexible and perceptive, we will adapt our schedules to conform to your business needs.

Additional SVA Assurance Services