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Income Tax Preparation and Planning Services for Individuals

Guiding you through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions.

By taking a proactive vs. reactive approach to tax services and keeping current on tax law and legislation we are able to identify and implement key planning opportunities to minimize your current tax liability and impact subsequent years as well.

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

This tax runs parallel to the regular tax and is very complex. We provide comprehensive and creative planning, to the extent possible to minimize this tax and if applicable, plan and claim the credits it may create. We prepare extensive projections that may involve several years and many different scenarios.

At-Risk Rules

The at-risk rules determine the amount of loss that can be deducted on a tax return and are very complex. We provide planning and ideas for creating basis and utilizing tax losses.

Audit Assistance

We can assist clients in dealing with various tax authorities at the federal, state and local levels, including all kinds of taxes. We will provide only the records requested by the auditor and encourage the client to have the auditor meet with us in our office.

Divorce Tax Planning

Decisions related to divorce have a long lasting impact and are magnified if children are involved. We can help you resolve conflicts that affect your financial future. We provide evaluation and recommendations related to equitable income division, analyze prior tax returns and calculate after tax income and cash flows, valuation, prepare future budgets and tax projections, provide expert testimony, and work with you and your attorney during the mediation process.


The Internal Revenue Service and the State Department of Revenue have become more and more technologically advanced. In an attempt to speed up the process of filing tax returns, they have been encouraging taxpayers to electronically file their tax returns and in some cases, they have mandated that the tax returns be filed that way. We are authorized to electronically file returns and continue to stay on top of the new technology.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

HSAs were designed to help individuals save for future qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-free basis. HSAs have a high deductible, but allow the employer or employee to set aside money on a tax-free basis to cover the deductible and other non-covered health expenses. We can help determine if you qualify and how to maximize the benefits of an HSA.

Net Operating Losses

We assist clients in planning for losses, realizing their maximum tax benefit and determine if the loss should be carried back or forward. We also prepare the loss carry back claim or make the carry forward election.

Passive Activity Rules

The passive activity rules determine if losses can be deductible based on participation of the client. We work with clients to determine if these loss rules apply to the activity, how the losses can be best utilized, and make suggestions for the activity to be classified as active rather than passive.

Payment Planning

We do advanced tax planning to minimize tax and underpayment penalties and help client plan their quarterly tax payments and their balance due on April 15. We also prepare the quarterly vouchers.


We take a proactive approach by working with our clients to reduce taxes and develop creative ideas and solutions, which minimize surprises for tax purposes. We communicate on a regular basis and prepare tax projections as needed.


We prepare and review an accurate return with the appropriate documentation by using the most highly qualified personnel. We work with clients to provide the relevant information on a timely basis.

Professional Athletes

We provide special services to accommodate athletes, which include communication and coordination with all appropriate parties, extensive knowledge of the applicable types of compensation, the appropriate tax and multi-state rules and preparation.


There are many gray areas of the tax law that depending on the facts and circumstances will have many different results. Our team of experienced tax professionals will research the particular tax area with the intent of resolving the issue and backing up the stated position that will stand up against a governmental objection.

Retirement Planning

When planning for retirement, you need to set goals, plan how much money is needed to meet these goals, and work hard to achieve these goals. We assist in making the right financial decisions that fit your income, lifestyle and needs. By making the right decisions, your financial future and the financial future of your family will be protected.

Stock Based Compensation Planning

We work with clients on the ramifications of the different stock based compensation (i.e., non-qualified options, incentive stock options, stock awards, etc.), how to best use them, and when to best use them. This may involve research, analysis and tax projections.

Stay Informed

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