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Family Law Tax Facts

A Support Reference Guide

SVA’s Litigation Support and Valuation team developed a Family Law Tax Facts and Support Reference Guide to provide Wisconsin family law attorneys and judges a quick reference to current tax rules affecting their clients.

Key Areas included in the Family Law Tax Facts and Support Reference Guide:

Family Law information:

  • Basic Child Support Guidelines
  • Maintenance criteria as defined by statute
  • Qualification criteria for alimony under tax laws
  • Criteria for claiming dependency exemptions

General tax information:

  • Tax rate schedules
  • Earned Income Credit information
  • Estate & Gift Tax Rates and Exemptions
  • Social Security and Medicare Rates and Limits

Litigation Expertise

Our Litigation team has a unique skill set in family law matters that differentiates us from other expert witnesses, including:

  1. Investigative & analytic skills to understand the relevant financial and non-financial information
  2. Litigation experience to understand how to properly tie the financial analysis to laws
  3. Technical expertise in tax and accounting

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Additional Tax Information

For general tax information including tax planning, investing, real estate, business and executive compensation, family and education, charitable giving, retirement as well as estate planning, click through to our Tax Web Guide.

** Updated January 2014.

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