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  • New Medicare Coverage Screening for HCV

    Oct 20

    On September 5, 2014, Medicare announced it will now cover screening for hepatitis C virus (HCV) for services effective June 2, 2014.

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  • ACA Health Insurance Mandate – How will it affect your business?

    Oct 14

    The Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Mandate has been a moving target for the last several years. We seem to have the final guidance for the Mandate that will start in 2015, which includes special transitional rules for 2015 only.

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  • Sales Tax Nexus – What You Need to Know

    Sep 18

    Businesses that sell products or services in more than one state need to know whether or not they have sales tax nexus for each of the states they do business in. If a business has “nexus” in a state for sales tax they will be subject to the state’s reporting requirements and tax obligations.

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  • Physician Financial Transparency Alert - Sept 8th deadline

    Aug 27

    The Sunshine Act is a component of the Affordable Care Act that requires manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers to report financial relationships with physicians. This includes pharmaceutical companies and device suppliers. Read more...

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  • Record Retention for Tax Purposes

    Aug 21

    Are you cleaning out or organizing your home or business? Many clients contact us asking what documents or records should they keep and for how long. Read more to learn about some general guidelines.

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  • New ICD-10 Transition Date

    Aug 06

    The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has finalized the new compliance date for health providers, plans and clearinghouses to transition to the ICD-10 diagnosis coding set. This date has been set for October 1, 2015.

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  • 2014 Wisconsin Tax Law Changes

    Jul 31

    Just a reminder of the Wisconsin Tax Law changes that started in 2014. These changes will affect many individuals and most businesses here in Wisconsin.

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  • Updated CMS Guideline for Cerumen Impaction

    Jul 15

    The description for CPT code 69210 has been revised for 2014. In previous years, the descriptor for 69210 read “Removal impacted cerumen (separate procedure), one or both ears.”

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  • Identity Theft and Tax Returns

    Jun 27

    Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Taxpayers may encounter identity theft when a fraudulent refund claim is filed by a thief using the taxpayer’s identifying information.

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  • Incorporate Medicare changes into your documentation

    Jun 05

    With the transition over the last year to NGS Medicare, evaluation and management services have a unique tool that calculates the components in a slightly different manner than WPS Medicare. This applies to providers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.

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