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SVA's Coffee Break Webinar Series: Improving Receivables Management for Microsoft Dynamics® SL

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June 14, 2012 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM CDT


Webinar - Online Event Only

Event Summary

Save time by automating time-consuming collections activities! Our presenter from Stanley, Stuart, Yoffee & Hendrix will show you how their Accounts Receivable Collections Manager module allows you to easily create overdue notices, reprint invoices "on the fly" and email customers directly. It also enables you to historically track collection activities by maintaining information such as notes, as well as recording that an email was sent, a letter was printed, or invoices were printed. By using Microsoft Word templates, letters can be created automatically—for example, Dunning letters can be generated by selecting ranges of age balances or individual customer IDs.

Presented by: Stanley, Stuart, Yoffee & Hendrix

Featured Product/Topic: Microsoft Dynamics SL

Recommended Audiences: IT Managers, IT Professionals, Finance Directors, CIO, Accounting Professionals, Finance Professionals, IT Directors, Business Managers, Controller, Information Worker, Chief Information Officers (CIO), IT Directors

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