SVA’s Dental Practice Production Analysis

Proven accuracy, demonstrated results.

Are you maximizing the potential profitability from your existing patient base?

Operating at peak efficiency is essential in building and maintaining a successful dental practice. SVA’s Dental Practice Production is designed to benchmark your practice against your peer group using key indicators and monitor your progress toward your practice goals.

We’ll analyze your statistics related to patient recall, fee schedules, active patient counts and dentist/hygienist productivity with the goal of increasing your practice’s profitability.

Get Your Customized Practice Production Analysis

Completing your SVA Practice Production Analysis is easy!

Steps to follow:

  1. Using your existing reports and fee schedule, you can input your unique data into the Practice Production Analysis template.
  2. Follow the included directions and return the completed analysis to our professionals.
  3. After we’ve received your file, our professionals will compile and review your information and set up a complimentary 2-hour consultation with you to evaluate our findings.

For assistance with the Practice Production Analysis template or for any questions please contact Ryan High with SVA Healthcare Services at or call (608) 826-2106.

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