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Healthcare Compliance Services

Remediate security weaknesses and vulnerabilities related to your HIPAA security

  1. Is your organization following its obligations to consumers contained in privacy notices?
  2. Are you periodically educating your employees about risk and security?
  3. Are you fully documenting your security efforts?
  4. Are your policies updated and accurately reflecting your current security practices?
  5. Is your organization addressing administrative and facility security requirements?

Your HIPAA privacy and security program safeguards your organization and protects patient health information. Be certain your policies are addressing your risks and practices and that employees are informed and follow your organization’s HIPAA program. If you answered “No” to any of these basic questions you may be putting your company in a precarious situation with regards to risk and compliance.

SVA is able to make this substantial responsibility more manageable and help your organization continue to be compliant.

HIPAA Assessments

With changes in technology, workflows, and time, your organization needs to periodically assess its HIPAA "health" to make sure you are covering all your vulnerabilities.

  • Identify and quantify risk for organizations to mitigate risks to appropriate levels
  • Prevent breaches and disclosures via employees, records mishandling and technology
  • Integrate HIPAA into business operations to ensure continuity and continuous risk management

HIPAA Policies and Procedures

If you are you using templates for your HIPAA policies or it has been more than a year since you reviewed your policies, it is time for a policy review.

  • Ensure your policies and procedures represent your organization's practices and meets current regulations
  • Verify your policies do not include obligations or responsibilities that are not applicable to your organization
  • Capture current technologies that may be missing from your policies
  • Compare your policies to your organizational workflows to identify any missing safeguards

HIPAA Education

Make sure you are getting the message out on how employees are expected to protect patient information and keep your organization secure.

  • Identify real examples and situations specific to your service delivery model where staff can connect with the meaning of HIPAA
  • Achieve communication with employees to satisfy HIPAA requirements for training and education
  • Prompt staff investment and ownership, questions, and reporting to uncover disclosures and opportunities for intervention

Healthcare Compliance Reports

SVA Healthcare Services compiles a monthly report keeping you informed on compliance updates and obligations to ensure your practice meets the high industry standards. HIPAA topics are regularly included in these reports as new developments or regulations emerge. Download the latest report or select one of the additional reports for previous updates.

HIPAA Webinar

With the new HIPAA HITECH rules rapidly approaching, it is important for your organization to be ready.
Download our recorded HIPAA webinar.

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