Hospital Services
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Hospital Services

Services Designed to Provide Financial Health for Your Hospital.

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Just as your primary goal is to provide the highest quality care to your patients, our goal is to bring the highest level of service to your hospital by helping you improve your hospital’s financial health. Our professionals are more than accountants and CPAs – we are healthcare experts helping medical industry executives to manage their businesses.

Discover the specialized services we offer for hospitals.

Coding Services, Denial Management and Compliance

Ensure the coding practices used by your professionals and hospital are sound while also reducing the risk for non-payment or audit. Our revenue optimization and compliance services help identify discrepancies in reporting to eliminate lost revenue. Services include:

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  • Performing coding audits of concurrent services by practitioners and facilities
  • Assigning Certified Professional Coders accustomed to unique coding guidelines by specialty
  • Educating your staff on annual coding and regulatory changes
  • Supporting your staff as needed for ICD-10 and documentation requirements
  • Supplementing existing coding and billing staff (short or long-term)
  • Resolving backlogs to improve accounts receivable and reduce denials
  • Providing recommendations to increase accuracy and/or revenue for retroactive or subsequent billing

Revenue Cycle Management

Maximize profitability and cash flow while capturing revenue and improving payer performance for your outpatient departments and physicians with our revenue cycle management specialists. Services include:

  • SVA professional staff serving as your business office
  • Streamlining your entire process – from billing, claims, and reimbursement to collection and reporting

Valuation of Healthcare Entities

Navigate through the complex layers of a healthcare entity to determine a fair and reasonable value. With our valuation services you’ll obtain an accurate value of the entity from professionals who understand the intricacies of healthcare. Services include:

  • Applying compliance, coding, reimbursement and revenue cycle management expertise to the valuation process
  • Understanding the operational variables (payer mix, overhead costs, entity structure, affiliations, political and economic conditions, patient demographics) which contribute to the determination of value

Physician Alignment Strategies

Clinical Co-Management Arrangements

Compensate physicians for the management of a hospital department or service line by establishing a co-management arrangement. Improve the quality and operational effectiveness of the hospital, while developing a more loyal and cohesive relationship with physicians. Our clinical co-management arrangement services include:

  • Aligning the interests of hospitals and physicians
  • Facilitating collaboration to improve accountability and lower costs
  • Developing joint metrics
  • Facilitating the negotiation process

Hospital/Physician Joint Ventures

Move physicians and hospitals to a higher level of alignment through co-ownership (i.e. ambulatory surgical centers, medical office buildings). A hospital/physician joint venture creates a better working environment with improved quality and care of patients in a most cost effective and efficient manner. Our services include:

  • Providing financial analysis on potential revenue, expenses and income
  • Forecasting accurate projections
  • Additional joint venture services

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