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Technology Solutions

Streamline project management & get access to the information you need to make better business decisions.

As a general or specialty contractor, you need proven ways to keep multiple projects and field operations on time and within budget.

Construction Firm Eliminates Days of Lost Time Waiting For Data by Bringing Technology Solution In-House

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Technology solutions are capable of streamlining every aspect of construction project management. Our professionals know both construction and technology. We help cut through the “tech speak” and get you the right tools.

Let us guide you to the solutions that will be most beneficial to your business whether it’s a comprehensive ERP solution or a more streamlined product.

With technology solutions you are able to:

  • Monitor, control and forecast costs better
  • Retrieve production units and percent completes from the field
  • Manage subcontractors more effectively
  • Exchange critical data with your field crews
  • Take advantage of advanced reporting and analysis tools
  • Combine several disparate systems into one
  • Simplify and capture all change orders
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Initiate new work from the field
  • Track unlimited contracts and projects
  • Ensure timely and accurate billing
  • Share information efficiently
  • Streamline financial management with easy-to-use automation

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