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Inventory Cycle Counting

Creating an effective inventory cycle counting process.

Our inventory cycle counting strategy is designed to assist manufacturers and distributors, like you, with measurable and attainable standards of excellence.

Utilizing Technology, SVA Helped a Large Distributor Realize an Unprecedented 99.9% Inventory Accuracy Rate

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Determine whether your inventory cycle counting process is effective by answering the following questions:

  • Does it assist you in profitability running your manufacturing operation?
  • Is it helping you to improve customer service?
  • Is it reducing errors and shrinkage?
  • Do you know where your inventory is 24/7?

If you found yourself answering "no," the benefits of inventory accuracy are likely to have a significant impact on your business including:

  • Improved customer service
  • Minimal loss of production time
  • Lower investment in inventories
  • Elimination of the annual physical inventory
  • Less excess and obsolete inventory
  • Correct statement of assets throughout the year
  • Less non-value added time such as expediting and shortage meetings

Lean or other continuous improvement initiatives can be an effective strategy when competing in today’s global market. Whether you push it or pull it, use kanban, ekanban, supermarkets or a classic warehouse, efficient operations and world-class customer service are difficult to achieve without accurate inventory.

The same is true for companies that have implemented ERP systems; Many have not realized the bottom line gain they anticipated because their inventory levels were not at the right level to start with. Learn more about technology solutions designed specifically for manufacturing and distribution companies.

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